I am wanting to use my SONOS sound system, but it appears to not support all file types. It was suggested that I export my Audacity files as FLAC files. Does Audacity allow for this type of ‘export as’ function? Also, I purchased years ago a USB adapter that allowed the one headphone jack input on my PC to serve as a headphone jack to monitor as I recorded as well as a mic in. Will this USB also work on my new MacBookPro 13"? I just bought this MBP and have some homework to do with hookups and hope this forum will help me get set up quickly so I can get to work ASAP. Looking forward to the creative process.

Yes you can export FLAC. We have a Manual you can look at: Export Audio dialog - Audacity Manual.

Please give the make and model number of the adaptor so we can find out what it is.

Your new Mac I assume only has an audio output with no way to change it to an input in Sound Preferences, but will accept an Apple iPhone headset with mic which uses a four-position TRRS connector.

So normally you would either get a splitter like http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004SP0WAQ or buy a USB audio interface.

if you are using Yosemite, Audacity 2.0.6 does not officially support it. Even on Mavericks you may possibly have playback problems with stuttering audio unless you fiddle with Audio to Buffer in Audacity’s Recording Preferences.

If Audacity does not play audio, play a song in QuickTime.

Not everyone has those issues by any means, but just so you know.


I’m sorry, I meant that I used the headphone jack to play out to my mixer accompaniments I have purchased and have loaded on my computer, then sent in via my USB (which is as school, so I’ll get and send u the model/brand later) what I wanted recorded from my mixer, but was also able to monitor with this usb in that it also had a headphone jack.

Will pack and send you that usb info hopefully tomorrow…really sad to hear Audacity doesn’t support Yosemite, in that I bought this new computer MBP to record with, as my old PC was getting so bogged down with files and little space (14 GB) that it was not able to capture the sound well without it chattering and breaking up (which I think was due to the number of tracks I was recording, as well as a slow computer not being able to keep up.

The next 2.1.0 release might support it, possibly with some minor issues. Feel free to try the latest alpha builds from the top of http://www.audacity.homerow.net/index.php?dir=mac/&sort=date&order=desc which have some improvements for Yosemite. Let us know of any problems.


has the new update come out yet?

Not yet, but maybe soon if the upcoming Release Candidate testing goes well.


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