Feedback: Loudness Normalization

Testing Audacity 2.4.0rc06 on Windows 10 Version 1909

Not a problem but an idea for improval:

The Loudness Normalizer is a great idea. It would be even better if there was a switch to merely display the Loudness, that is the amount by which the sound will be amplified. Basically a version that serves as analyzer as well as an effect.

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Thanks for testing and giving feedback.

Personally I think it would be better for Audacity to have a separate analyzer. This way it could provide more information in one plug-in (Example: Loudness, RMS, max / min peaks, DC-offset, bit-depth, …)

Big +1 for that suggestion Steve,


ACX Check can already do a lot of that. I’ll see what flynwill is up to.


I’m thinking a built-in effect so the stats (including “loudness”) can be measured quickly and accurately according to documented “standards”.

I think there will still be a place for an “ACX” analysis plug-in, but it could be refined to show only the information that is relevant to ACX.

“Noise floor” is tricky, and we are aware that the current ACX plug-in sometimes gives unexpected results. The way that the ACX plug-in measures noise floor is different to how ACX measure noise floor, so the results could be very different.
I’m not aware of a “standard” way to measure noise floor for an audio recording, but measuring a single minimum level is certainly not ideal.