Feature request: Compare two recordings and generate EQ curve to make them sound alike

It would be great to have a function to compare two recordings (A and B) of the same (or very similar) sound and generate an EQ curve that would make B sound like A.

A couple of possible usecases from my practice:

  • I was making a simple speech recording and accidentally switched from a good external mike to the buil-in one, which has markedly non-uniform frequency responce. Half of a rather long voice dictation sounded different from the other half. It took a lot of time to balance the difference and I never managed to do it really well.
  • During vinyl restoration you may have several digitizations of the same record. Sometimes one copy is full of pops but sounds nice and natural, while another is clean but suffers from poor/wrong correction or otherwise distorted timbre.
    The requested EQ generator might take a sample of two audio fragments containing the same sound (A and B), generate two frequency profiles (as already done for the frequency analysis function), compare them and produce a new EQ curve that would negate the difference for each frequency band (or peak frequency). The new EQ curve should be loadable by the Audacity Equalisation tool.

An Audacity plugin exists to do that, see … https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/can-i-automatically-eq-track-to-desired-frequency-response/54573/4