Failed to open project

Hello everyone. I’m sorry if it’s a repeated thread, but I’ve read other similar posts and I’m desperate because I haven’t found an answer to my case. When I open my project, I get “Failed to read file in C:/”. I have tried to use the recommended tool “Audacity Project Tools”, but it doesn’t work. I can open it as raw file, but full of errors.

Is there any way to fix the project? I’m a podcaster and it’s very important to me. Right now I just want to cry… Thank you very much in any case.

Yes. Make sure you execute step #12 here:

Thanks for the quick response and sorry for the inconvenience. I tried all the steps on the computer where it was saved incorrectly, but now on another laptop I had no problem executing step 12. Once again, thanks and sorry! I was very nervous.

Hmm. I wonder if the other computer is running 32-bit Windows. :confused:

Windows > Start > Settings > System > About (scroll down).

No, it’s 64 bit. The problem is that the HDD has some damaged sectors and probably couldn’t repair the database from the same computer. It’s just a theory, but I already learned the lesson for next time…