Exporting tracks for "other" software

Is there anyway, or any plug-ins that will allow you to save a project as something other than a .aud file? Something more universal. I mean, I know I can export multiple .wav tracks, but how do you keep the whole project intact? What you end up with is a bunch of .wav “clips”, with no structure, with no regard to the original time stamps.

My main goal is to be able to exchange tracks with fellow band members who might be utilizing other recording software. I want them to be able to open the project with everything inctact, no realiging tracks, guessing where parts need to go, etc. Make sense?


Craig Z.

AFAIK there is no way to do this with Audacity - you would have to copy your entire Audacity project file structure (the .aup file, the data folder and all the little .au files that it contains) and your fellow band members would have to use Audacity.

If you export to WAV (or any other supported format) from Audacity - then Audacity will mix and render the project down to a single stereo pair - thus losing your underlying project “structure”.


If you haven’t got a label track, then you can use Export Multiple to put each track in the project into a WAV/AIFF/Flac file. This doesn’t take the layout with them, and it renders in all the volume envelopes, but it’s slightly more use.

There is no standardised format for multi-track audio projects - all the commercial products also have their own proprietary formats. There are some standards around, but support is rare - unfortunately they are mostly aimed up at the top end of the market, and aren’t supported in audacity yet.