Exporting to mono actually exports to stereo in 3.4.1 (OS X, Sonoma 14.1.1, Apple Silicon)

Hi there. I’ve used Audacity 3.3.x for a while to edit audio recordings made in stereo. I slice them up into multiple tracks, and then export them to mono mp3s, using the File > Export Multiple flow. This has (and still) works.

I can’t appear to do this in Audacity 3.4.1 (Apple Silicon installer). I go through the File > Export Audio flow, select “Mono” from channels, and a few other options (captured in the below screenshot). However, any exported mp3 file appears to be in stereo.

I can use the old version for now as a workaround. Thanks!

Because I can’t do multiple embeds in a post, here’s what an individual exported track looks like after going through the above mono / 16kHz / 24kbps export (note the “Stereo” audio channels in the OS X info panel)
Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 9.18.15 AM

can you please try with the latest 3.4.2 release?


Done - still a problem. 3.4.2 exports audio that is stereo when “Mono” is selected on multiple track export

3.4.2 works for me in Windows.

Maybe try Custom Mapping. But you’ll probably have to reduce the levels before mixing to prevent clipping when the tracks are summed/mixed (if you’re not doing that already).

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