exporting names songs to my itunes library

I have been using and loving Audacity for a few months now. I thought I had it down pretty good as far as exporting to my iTunes library. Early on I figured out how to “export Multiple” automatically to iTunes. It worked like a charm. now all of a sudden, they seem to be exporting just like before but I cannot find the songs in my library. Here’s what it shows when it asks where to export to: c:\users\test\music\itunes\itunesmedia\automatically add to iTunes I recently had problems with iTunes and had to go to Microsoft for help. the help guy restored my iTunes in my laptop. I wonder if he installed it differently. Why is the word “test” in that path to iTunes. I tried taking the word test out of the path and when I tried to export it said that path doesn’t exist. But when I try to export using that path, it goes through all the motions, I name the songs and then press okay. It shows it exporting each song and then it finishes with the list of songs exported, but when I go to the iTunes library they are not there. It was all working so perfectly before and now it’s not. Where are those songs going? I’m using Audacity 2.2.2 on Windows 8.1. Please remember I’m 66 and barely computer literate. Thanks for your help.

The destination should be part of the Export display.

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 19.50.14.png

If you have troubles with media routing, you might want to do what I do and send the Audacity work to the desktop first. Make sure it’s all right and then drag it to where it needs to go by opening up destination windows, or in the case of iTunes, dump everything in the Song Library and sort it out later.

If you try to do it all in one go, you’ll never figure out what happened if something fails.

iTunes is the one where you can create a custonizable playlist and drag songs into it at whatever order you want. That playlist can be made into a CD or opened in your iPod or Personal Music Player.

Oddly, I never figured out how to get a playlist to play the same song twice. Yes, I understand there’s a crazy complicated way to do it, but just pulling the same song over twice doesn’t do it (that I can tell).


This is what the Audacity Manual has to say about the pathing for automatic export to iTunes:

No “test” in that pathing string.