Exporting multiple files keep IDv3 tags

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to make a topic to +1 vote for:
Support lyrics and album art in metadata tags where the format supports this, so that you can add these, or at the least so that these are not discarded when you import and export the file (57 votes 21Mar18)

As I have an extensive database with all the tags (with album cover) nicely filled in which I would like to keep and not being modified/cleared.
I cut a lot of the tracks one-by-one at the moment and this feature would greatly improve the efficiency of that.

Keep up the good job, you’re awesome!

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I signed up to vote for this. :slight_smile:
I edit a number of tracks and save ‘in-place’. Losing lyrics/Artwork is a pain.

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Hello, I just signed up to vote for this too. Please add this, it sucks losing the cover art on my songs. :cry:

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I would also like to vote for this.
Audacity always removes the cover art and a couple of ID3 tags when I use it to cut an MP3 for example.

Otherwise, great program, thanks a lot. Just donated a little money last week to support your great work!

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Yes, we know we could improve the metadata handling a lot (cover art is often reported) - our problem is that we are a very small volunteer team and have very few developers - so it’s always a matter of cherry-picking our priorities.

Thanks for the feedback - and thanks for the donation, much appreciated.


I would also like to vote for retaining the cover art/Lyrics when exporting FLAC files. Maybe there could be an option
to include cover art or not if it slows down the process for some users. In my case, I would have it enabled for all Flac file exports. I am currently using Audacity 2.4.2 on a Windows 10 machine with JRiver MC as my main player which fully supports cover art for tracks.

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