Exporting Labels (Aud. 3.4.2 / Mac)

Export Other → Labels is greyed out unless the labels track is selected or clicked into. For the life of me I can’t figure out why this was implemented and it seems random and unnecessary.

Can this be reverted?

IIRC this may have been implemented so that when you have multiple label tracks then you just select the labels from the selected label tracks and not the un-selected ones.

It actually doesn’t work like that as selecting any label or label track(s) will then go on to export all the labels even the un-selected ones.

But I can see it looks a bit inconsistent with Export Audio which is not grayed-out when no audio is selected and happily exports the entire audio in the project.

And I note that the basic ability to export labels without a label or label track selected is a regression change on 3.3.3

I think that Export Labels should basically work like Export Audio and have a similar Export dialog - where Entire Project is default offered if no selection exists and Selected Labels is default offered if a Label selection is present.

I will write up an issue foe the issues log regarding this.



I just logged this issue on Muse’s GitHub Issues log:

Good catch - thanks for the report :sunglasses:


Thank you Peter. Not a big deal but thanks for closing the gap on it.


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