Export selected audio in macro

I’m trying to create a macro which includes ‘Export Selected Audio’, however I cannot find this command in the choose window of the macro manager.
Is there another way I can include this specific command in a macro?


Personally, I find that working with macros I always seem to be working around some limitation.

Try this: Select the audio in question. Then Duplicate. Then Mute/Unmute Focused Track. Perhaps others will have better ideas.

What I would do in the macro is:

  1. Select
  2. Trim Audio
  3. Export
  4. Undo

Step 4 should restore the full untrimmed audio.


Exporting is usually the final command in a Macro, so in these cases you can just do:

SelectTime: <parameters>

If it’s not the final command, then as waxcylinder wrote, add an Undo: after the Export command.

The problem with these combinations of commands is that Audacity does not present the window to name exported selected audio, as it does if I use the commands ALT-F + E + R. Export as WAV does not seem to function in the same way as the commands above.

If it did that it would be impossible to do unattended batch processing because it would be waiting for user input. Why do you want to use a macro?

I’m editing a batch of samples that I recorded in octaves. I have a select audio macro already but then I’d like one that does export the selected audio (commands ALT-F + E + R) so that I can name each exported audio file manually.

If you need to name the file, just use the normal File menu command rather than a macro. Optionally you can set up a keyboard shortcut for the Export Selected command.

Using a keyboard shortcut did the trick. Thanks a lot for the pointer.

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