Export multiple stops after 2 or 3 tracks

Mac OS 10.15.6 Trying to export 9 tracks to mp3 via export multiple. Exporting quits after 2 or 3 tracks.

Could you post a screenshot of the project?
– Bill

Thanks for looking into this.
2021-02-19 at 1.29.52 PM.jpg

I can’t see anything obviously wrong with that project. Exactly where does the Export Multiple fail?

– Bill

“Export Multiple” may export each track OR export a mix of each labelled section.

If you Export Multiple with that project based on tracks, you will get two files exported.

If you Export Multiple with that project based on labels, you should get 9 exported files, but they may be distorted because it looks like the mix will probably go over 0 dB.

I think Steve may have nailed it. Export Multiple defaults to “Split files based on Tracks” if there are multiple tracks in a project.
– Bill

Thanks Bill and Steve,
Correct about split by labels.
I had labeled the tracks but missed the split choice of tracks versus labels.
I exported that way and got 9 files. Now I just have to knock down the gain to lose the distortion.
I don’t find a functioning input volume control. Is output vol. from the source the only way to control that?
Thanks Again,
Tim :smiley:

So your exported MP3 files have distortion? If so, you need to reduce the gain slider on each track by 1 or 2 dB, then try again.

If you play your project you should see if any clipping has occurred by the red clipping indicator in the playback meters.

Another check is to do a Mix and Render to New Track. This will create a new track consisting of the mix that will occur when you Export. You can then look at that track for clipping. When you are ready to export to MP3, first delete the rendered track.

– Bill

This begs the question: why do you have two mono tracks that both look exactly the same ? Are they the same ?


What I generally do when exporting multi-track projects:

  1. Select All (“Ctrl + A”)
  2. Tracks menu > Mix > Mix and Render (Tracks Menu: Mix - Audacity Manual)
  3. Normalize to -1 dB (Normalize - Audacity Manual)
  4. Export
  5. (Optional - “Undo” twice to return to the pre-mix multi-track project state.)

Thanks guys. All swell.