Export Multiple no longer adds tags to all tracks

I only really use Audacity to rip vinyl to mp3 and it used to work great. I found that adding the ContentGroup tag to my Metadata allowed WMP to pick up those new tracks so that I could add them to a playlist on my Win11 laptop. All good until the new version came out which now only applies the tags to the first track. How do I get the tags added to all tracks?
Otherwise, it’s a fab tool. Many thanks to all the team :-).

This is a known and logged bug which currently remains unfixed:

With new Multiple Files Export dialog user supplied Metadata applies only to the first exported file - and does not propagate to iTunes on import #5825

This bug about default metadata will impact on multiple exports too - but this has been fixed for the upcoming 3.5.0

v3.4.0 Metadata set default not working on audio export #5494


Hi Peter. You’re a star - many thanks. I’m new to the forum so will look harder for known bugs in the future :slight_smile:

Sadly there are rather a lot of them (971 is the current count), so a lot of looking

One useful tip: Use the Labels button to get a filter by label (tag)


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