Export multiple files [SOLVED]

How do I export several songs and their titles in a single file to a memory card? When I use “Export Multiple”, each song and it’s title is in a separate file.

I’m using Windows 7

That is precisely what is supposed to happen with Export Multiple - it’s designed that way.

You can export a single file (just use Export Audio) - but you will only have one set of metadata tags so no set of trcaknames.

It is possible to export a single file and use Cue Sheets - see this page in the Audacity Manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/burning_music_files_to_a_cd.html#Cue_Sheets


Can you provide me with step-by-step instructions on how to create a Cue Sheet? Or refer me to instructions somewhere? The Audacity manual doesn’t help much.

We don’t have time to write out step by step instructions for you, but probably the easiest way would be to label each song then use one of the label to cue sheet conversion tools mentioned on Cue sheets - Audacity Wiki .

What are you actually trying to do with the single file when exported? Cue sheets are normally used to burn CD’s without gaps between tracks while retaining the ability to jump between tracks. Cue sheets can also be used by a small number of media players as a way to skip between tracks in a single file.

If you don’t care about skipping between tracks in a single file, or don’t care about details of track/title/performer for each song in the file, just use File > Export.


I do want to have the titles for the songs. Just using File>Export doesn’t give the titles.

And using File>Export Multiple places each song and its title in a separate file. With hundreds of songs in different genres, this becomes very inconvenient to access what you’re looking for.

What I’d like is several (maybe dozens) of files, each with up to 20 or 30 songs and titles.

Then you will have to use Cue Sheets (see above). That will limit you to a choice of only a few media players that will actually be able to read each track’s metadata within a single file.

As far as I know there will also be no way to look at the metadata of each track in Windows Explorer (or any other file manager).

In my opinion it would be far more sensible to export multiple. Put the files for each album in their own subfolder and each subfolder in a folder for the band. Any media player should then play all the files in a particular folder one song after the other (or skip between the songs).

When you open the folder, you can see the metadata for each song in Explorer (if you enable the correct columns).


Well duh! It hadn’t occurred to me that I could create multiple folders in my memory card and then “Export Multiple” to those different folders. With a little bit of experimenting, I was able to create multiple named folders each containing multiple songs and titles, all of which was recognized by my car’s memory card reader.

I continue to amaze myself by how hard I can make something seem when it’s really easy if you can just figure out how to do the right thing.

Thanks for getting me steered in the right direction.