Export Multiple Files Greyed Out

Hi, All.

This is on a Windows 10 Home with Audacity 3.4.2.

First time trying to export one LP into multiple mp3 tracks.

The ‘Multiple Files’ option is greyed out.

Project is saved. Playback stopped. Neither muted or solo. I don’t need the track names or numbers. (I can enter that later.)

What am I missing ?


It will be grayed out unless you have either

a) a label track with at least one label

b) multiple tracks

Just as Current Selection will be grayed out if you have no selection present


Thank you, Peter.

So I reckon it’s either cut and paste each song into different tracks, or, as you said on a post some 10 years go, label them during playback.

Like we say, don’t look a gifted horse in the mouth. Audacity is brilliant, and the price is right. Hopefully in a future version there’ll be an automated feature to recognise and separate tracks during recording. (Is there one already?)

Thanks again.

Labeling seems the be the “standard method” but I find it easy-enough to select/highlight one song at a time and then Export Selected, one song at a time. You usually know length of the song and with the right amount of zoom it’s usually easy to see where each song starts & stops.

It doesn’t actually require copying & pasting… Just select & export.

…Often, I’ll re-import the songs one at time to trim or adjust the silence at the beginning & end.

Thanks, Doug. Yes, that’s how I’ve been doing it as well. I was hopeful there was a hidden automated trick I hadn’t learnt yet.


This workflow tutorial documented my workflow when I converted ny LPs and tapes some 15-20 years ago (I did get some extra useful tips for this workflow from other experienced users):


Thank you, Peter.

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Hi All,
I was ripping some vinyl today and have been quite happy with the method demonstrated in the video link here:

The creator of the video shows a really useful, straightforward and easy way to (1) break the recording into individual tracks, (2) rip the files, and (3) go out to the internet to automatically pick up the names of each of the songs. He also gives a good method to minimally compress the songs (which I don’t follow) as well as reduce low frequency noise (which I do follow.) It really is a superior workflow, much better than I’ve used in the past. (So hopefully the site rules allow one to post a link…). If not the author’s YouTube name is “Hairybonch” (whatever that is…) so a search would probably pull him up.

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