Export Labels -- disabled

Version 3.5.1.
Just 2 days ago I was able to export labels via
File/Export Other/Export Labels…

Now that menu pick is grayed out.
Why is Export Labels disabled now?
Reverting to 3.4.1 did not help.

I now do Edit/Labels/Export Labels five backtabs etc.
A little inconvenient but I’ll survive.
I still would like to understand.
(I don’t want “regular interval labels”, I want MY labels.)

I don’t know if this is one of the “modules” but lately we’ve seen problems with exporting certain audio formats.

So this is just something you can check -
Go to Edit → Preferences -Modules and make sure everything is enabled.

Ensure that you project actually has some labels.

What appears to be the problem is that you cannot see the Export Labels command active and available for use unless you have either:
a) at least on label track selected, or
b) have your cursor somewhere in any of the label tracks

Since there is no mechanism for exporting selected labels this seems a bit odd and unnecessary - and Export Audio works even if no audio is selected - I will find some time to log it as an issue.

Here is the issue I logged a while back about exporting selected labels:


I forgot, I already logged that back in November last year.


Thanks. All enabled.

Thanks. That was it!
Must click in the Labels track first.

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