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RECOMMENDATION: Bring back the previous versions of the Export Dialogue box where all the metadata tag information can be edited in ONE dialogue box. It’s annoying and very inefficient to open yet another dialgue box to edit track info to a further degree.

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You should be able to use the menu command Edit > Metadata before you invoke the Export command.


With the new version, I set up the global metadata from the Edit menu before exporting. But then, for each track being exported from a project, I also need to open the metadata sub-dialog from the main export dialog to enter the track’s name and number. Perhaps some middle ground could work, such as exposing only those few fields in the export dialog if enabled in preferences.

Yeah, you can also invoke the metadata dialogue box from within CTRL-SHIFT-E, but it is entirely inefficient to have to invoke yet another dialogue box to edit meta data. File Save info and Metadata info should be all in one dialogue box like it was in previous versions.

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but in the previous versions, metadata also was in a separate dialog to all of your codec and format info?

…not picking up what you are throwin’ down. I don’t care if metadata was in a separate window in previous versions - nice to know, but I edit meta data WITH filename, etc for each different track I record. I am asking to bring back ONE DIALOGUE BOX that has it all, instead of having two dialogue boxes as shown in the screen grab provided below. Combine these two…

I am completely lost what you mean by “bring back” then if you’re not referring to a behavior that was present in a previous version.

Anyway, as to combining the two dialogs, that’s not something I’m looking to do in Audacity 3.x. The resulting dialog would be way too large as a dialog. However, I am undecided still about how the dialog is going to look like for Audacity 4, it may be that it’s a tab in the main UI instead, in which case showing all these options perhaps as collapsible settings in one place may make more sense.

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