Export as image file

I am trying Databending with Audacity. I imported a JPEG file as raw and applied a filter. I am now trying to export it as an image. However, I am not having much success - you can read about my situation at http://audiogeekzine.com/2013/07/databending-images-with-audacity/?unapproved=59893&moderation-hash=280e900c391d7e401d9b6a7af83be893#comment-59893

Basically, how do I export the modified JPEG data as an image? I am trying with “Custom FFMPEG export”, but am having the problems described in the linked blog comments.

You will find some tips in this forum thread: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/databending-picture-files-loaded-under-u-law-not-working/43620/1

Thanks for the reply.

I got it to work by saving in a headerless format (PGM Raw) in Gimp, then importing as Raw data, U-Law, Mono, and using Export audio > Other uncompressed files (which I couldn’t find before!) > Header: Raw, Encoding: U-Law.

Here is a work-in-progress result:


Here is the final image!