expanded track view after installing 2.3.3

Hello, My name is Chris. I have been using Audacity for seven years now. And love it. But after installing version 2.3.3 when opening any song files all the tracks are in expanded. So all I see from every file is the 1st few tracks. So after waiting for each file to open than need to hit Ctrl, Shift,C and than wait for file to collapse. I than try to select save file as. Closing file and reopening file again appears in expanded view again. Help. How to fix this issue?

“Edit > Preferences > Tracks”
Uncheck (deselect) the option “Auto-fit track height”
(this is normally off by default)

That doesn’t fix it for me. I’m also in 2.3.3. Same thing. Now when I open projects all tracks are expanded. Or at least they are not collapsed.

Here are my settings.

If you want the tracks “collapsed”, use:
“View menu > Track Size > Collapse All Tracks”.

I’m not sure I explained it well. Previously, when I opened a file the tracks were all as I left them. Maybe some collapsed and some not. But now, no matter what, when I open a file all the tracks are not collapsed.

It’s not the end of the world, but 1) it’s an extra step I always have to do now and 2) sometimes I would have most collapsed and one or to not, so I have to figure that all out manually.

To repeat, this is new behaviour, that’s why I’m posting about it. I’m on a small laptop working with projects that have 10+ tracks.


It works for me. Perhaps it is a Windows only issue (I’m on Linux).

OK. It just started happening. Thanks for checking.

I’ve tested on Windows 10, and the problem happens there, so yes, it’s a Windows thing.
I’ll log this on the Audacity bug tracker.

Actually, there’s no need. I’ve checked the latest development code, and it appears to be fixed.
The next release is due in a few months.

On my W10 laptop

  1. works OK with 2.3.2

  2. fails on 2.3.3

  3. works OK on the latest 2.4.0 alpha test build