Expand Track Panel to see track name?

Is it possible to expand the track control panel to see the full name of my track?

Using Ubuntu MATE 20.04.

Using Audacity v. 2.3.3 installed via distribution’s release.

No, but you can display the track name as an overlay:
“Edit menu > Preferences > Tracks → Show audio track name as overlay”

Or you can use View >Track Name


Ooh, a new handy feature :slight_smile:
But shouldn’t that be “View menu > Track Names” (plural), given that it displays the track names of all audio tracks in all projects?

@Porwah This feature is not available in Audacity 2.3.3, so you will need to use the setting in Preferences.

We’ve had that for a while now …

The same could be said for the Preferences setting …


Of course it could be said, but that’s different.
In the case of Preferences you are selecting how you prefer a track (any audio track) to appear.

In the case of a menu items, most menu items refer to either a selection, selected tracks, or the track with focus, and are usually written in the plural when the command can affect multiple tracks

  • Toggle Focussed Track
  • Mute Tracks
  • Align Tracks
  • Remove Tracks

An exception is “Cursor to track start”, (selected track(s)), which should arguably be “Cursor to selected track’s start” or “Cursor to track’s start”.

The point is, I was surprised that it affected all tracks in all projects, because it says “Track Name” (singular).
Ref: Principle of least astonishment - Wikipedia

I’m a bit behind the times. The most recent installable version to work reasonably well on my Linux machine is Audacity 3.0.2. All later versions have deal-breaker issues for me :frowning: