Error could not save project....file isnot writable disk ful

Keep getting error message that could not save project…file is unwritable or disk is full
disk is not full, no symbols in name just numbers letters and spaces. have 2.1.0 downloaded and still error message.
does anyone know how to fix this and if so please explain in detail as not that techy…thanks

That’s not the only thing which can cause that. Are you using network connected drives? Did you use comments in the metadata and did you put punctuation marks there? Are you running Audacity over a network?

Will the project save to your desktop, just as a test?


no network, plugged directly into tower…don’t know how to save to desktop. can’t save at all keep getting the error message. have set to use different folder and have no idea how to mess with metadata so no idea on that either. thanks for any help you can give

Click “Save in:” at the top of the Save Project window and click “Desktop”.

If you can’t save there then you have permissions or write problems on your computer, or you are experiencing a rare issue where Audacity won’t write files in XML format (the project’s AUP file is a type of XML file).

If you are still stuck, try File > Export Audio… and export as WAV.


finally worked saving in desktop. had tried exporting to wav but as it would not save could not export. desktop worked great. thanks for the assist it is much appreciated.

If you were trying to save or export to Program Files, you can’t unless you are logged in as an administrator.


Just recorded a new project and attempting to save to desktop and that crazy not enough disk space or unwritable error came back…now what? nee4 assistance again with step by step instructions also tried saving to backup drive that had same error


When exporting and when saving an Audacity project, Audacity may warn you (or not respond correctly) if you type a file name that includes characters that are forbidden by the operating system.

Do not use any of these Forbidden Characters on Windows in your file name:

\  /  :  *  ?  "  <  >  |

If you want to send your file to someone else, use it on another operating system or make it available on the internet, you should be even more careful - only use A to Z or a to z characters, whole numbers (0 to 9), underscore or hyphen-minus (or use the NUMPAD_SUBTRACT key).

If that did not help, try rebooting the computer.


Is there a chance that Audacity will, at some point, allow these ‘forbidden characters’ in file names?

Bob H

It’s not up to Audacity. Macs allow some of those characters now.


Windows allows these characters with other programs like Word or Excel, why not Audacity?


We’re talking about saving files. Filenames may not contain the forbidden characters, even if saved with Excel or Word. A document may contain forbidden characters.