Equalization Windows Frequency Range BUG


In my audacity project, I want to remove frequency bande between 7,5 & 9 kHz

But in my project, Equalisation windows goes only from 0 to 3000 Hz (linear graph), or 20 to 4000 Hz (logarithmic graph)

I can’t find how to extend the windows view (“Fullscreen” option doesnt help)


I can’t reproduce this - when I invoke the Equalization effect the range goes from 20Hz to 17kHz in both graphic and draw mode - just as it shows in the Manual - see: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/equalization.html


I’m no expert in this but you may be able to achieve your desired result with a combinnation of the High Pass and Low Pass Filter Effects:

Or the Notch Filter may do the job:



For those who may encounter the same problem, equalisation window is bugged when the different files opened are not sampled at the same rate (44100Hz, 8000Hz etc)
The window take the lowest sample rate and blocks the frequencies to approximately half the Hz.
And this is true even if you analyse the highest sample frequency one.

So just resample every tracks to the same sample rate, and it will be fine ^^

You must be using an old version of Audacity. In the current version (2.2.2) the effect warns you if you attempt to apply equalization to tracks with different sample rates and refuses to do it.

You can get the current version of Audacity via the website: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/