English Translation Error in version 3.4.2

There is an English translation error in Audacity 3.4.2. under the Effects Menu dealing with Volume and Compression. I have checked the manual and the program, and the error concerns an effect labeled “Auto Duck.” I have been a recording engineer since 1971, owned my own recording studio, and was the founding editor of a professional broadcast magazine covering the development of audio, video and computer equipment.

The name of the effect should be “Auto Dunk” rather than “Auto Duck.” It is an understandable error caused by translating jargon into a foreign language.

Audacity is a fine product and I applaud your continued development. Should you need any assistance in the translation of the English version, please feel free to contact me.

Wikipedia disagrees with you: Ducking - Wikipedia
(and on this occasion I agree with Wikipedia).

Not just Wikipedia:

  1. Adobe agrees: Lower the volume of music automatically during dialogue.

  2. iZOTOPE: https://www.izotope.com/en/learn/what-is-audio-ducking.html

  3. Final Cut: Auto Ducking Definition - Final Cut Pro Explained

  4. NCH: Tools - Auto Ducking

pretty unanimous.

In contrast googling “auto dunk” yields a lot of results for Nike trainers - and basketball


It seems I have been wrong my entire life. I have checked dictionaries as far back as I can search and cannot find a source to back me up. It’s a strange feeling. All I can say is that in my neighborhood, “duck” was never a verb. So what did the rest of the world call those water-resistive, double-winged creatures that went “quack?” We dunked behind fences to escape being seen and dunked out of the way to avoid being hit. I don’t recall seeing a duck duck behind the reeds to avoid being shot. Maybe they did. No wonder I was not an English major.

Hi @trumpet59

in England we:

a) “dunk” our biscuits in out tea - i;e. dip them in the tea

b) “duck” (verb) to avoid low beams

Some UK pubs with low doorways have punning signs that say “Duck or grouse!”

The manual (and the app) is written in American English (that is a stipulation for the editors and contributors) - I’m not sure about US use of these term. Perhaps @kozikowski can enlighten us.


Or Dunk our donuts in our coffee. I’m with the prevailing opinion.

There is a Dick Van Dyke episode where the wife Laura discovers a pillow stuffing made of duck feathers. She yells “Duck Down!” and Rob, her husband, lowers his head.

So even Carl Reiner agrees.


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