endless playing

I am making a recording on Audacity. I want to keep playing it endlessly without using a computer. I would like to use a CD player if possible or some device that would keep playing it. What would people recommend?


Many CD players and MP3 players have a “repeat” function. There is no kind of standard about this, so it depends on what functions your player has.

Too right Steve - the one in my car insists on playing the CD all over again as soon as it gets to the end of the last track - with absolutely no way to turn off this undesirable default behaviour :angry:


The workaround for you would be to find, buy or make some really really really interesting CDs :wink:


What’s the show? If you have a series of individual music segments separated by silence and you put them on a CD player with Auto Repeat, then you can come back in six weeks and they will still be looping.

Most people want to do this with Rain In The Trees or Ocean Surf, or Thunder Storm. I don’t think there’s any effective way to do that. You will always have a hole where the device gets to the end and goes back up to the beginning. I’ve seen this sort of thing done with very clever mechanical editing on an infinite-loop tape player like an 8-Track, although even those had that track switching thing which would interrupt the show.

I think if somebody paid me a lot of money to do this, I’d have two different players and a motorized mechanical fader assembly to dissolve back and forth between the two players. I’m not entirely making that up. We had one of those at a very early FM station where I worked.

With a computer, this would be almost simple. One of our production playback systems will occasionally get stuck in loop mode and you can be half-way through the second or third pass before you realize what happened.