embedding wavs into powerpoint

I have already made recordings for each slide through the Audacity software…am now realizing that they are linked and not embedded into each slide. Is it possible to embed them after the fact? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Possible solution : “Slidecast” with slideshare … http://www.slideshare.net/jboutelle/slidecasting-101

[BTW for some reason I can’t get slideshare to work on FireFox, could just be me though]

Open office “impress” does allow audio with slides, but the audio is not “embedded” in the slideshow: each slide contains a link to an audio file stored on the computer. If you want to share the presentation, the person you send it to also has to have Open Office (which is free) and an appropriately named folder with the audio files in it, i.e. you have to send them the presentation in two seperate parts: the sideshow and folder with the audio files.


The slide cast presentation’s audio did not work…and my question didn’t really get answered, so I am assuming at this point that audacity recordings can NOT be embedded into powerpoint slides. I guess I am stuck using the inferior recording component of my own computer.

In Powerpoint try: Insert > Movies and Sounds > Sound from File…

I’ve just tested this to successfully embed a WAV file into a PPT slide - and what’s more it played automativcally when I tested moving to that slide through a presentation (although when reviewing/building the presentation I had to click on the speaker icon on the slide to activate the sound.

And I thought I’d lost all my PPT skills since I retired 4 years ago and no longer do presentations … :laughing: