Eliminating extraneous sounds while recording

I have recorded a live music concert with the help of my IPhone. I wish to transfer the recording to my laptop using audacity. However while recording there are extraneous sounds including people clapping after each song. Is there some way that I can eliminate or at least reduce the impact of these sounds while saving the songs to my laptop. The OS on my laptop is Windows 7 and I have installed Audacity 2.0.2. Thanks in anticipation. Krishna.

Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time. No filters and no effects. Just straight record and playback.

You can’t do it in post production later, either. Once you capture a performance it becomes a mixed show and you can’t take a mixed show apart into individual instruments, voices … or applause.

People go to great effort with special microphones to get a live performance and nothing else.


If they could easily split the parts of the performance, then the White House Press Office wouldn’t need those microphones every time.


Sorry. I know it sounds like you should be able to make this work, but we have no good tools, and I don’t think anybody else does either.


What the poster is asking is to remove applase at the end of each song.

Audacity, as Koz says can’t remove the applause while the song is going on - but you can trim the applause and fade out the song to minimize the effect and duration of the applause.

The Audacity tools that you will need are

  1. Edit>Remove Audio>Silence Audio (k/b shortcut CTRL+L) use this to make silent, selected sections of audio.

  2. Edit>Remove Audio>Delete (k/b shortcut CTRL+K) use this to remove, selected sections of audio.

  3. Effect>Fade Out use this to fade out from the song to a short section of applause (or no applause if preferred). Tipcially the fade out should be applied to a section of audio 5-15 seconds or so. Try it at a particulatr length, then if you don’t like it just use Edit>Undo… to revert.

In the next version of Audacity there will be a more musical sounding fade out called Studio Fade Out which will probably give slightly better (more musical) fade results. I have been testing this new fade for the developer and now use it as my standard fade out of choice.