Editing Label Text - ctrl+C and ctrl+V don't work

When editing label text in the label track textbox, I used to be able to paste with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+V. I upgraded to 3.4.0 and this doesn’t work anymore, nor in 3.4.1. If this was unintentional, can be it be re-enabled? Ctrl+C and ctrl-X functionality in the label text box would be nice too. I know about the right-click menu but I prefer the keyboard shortcuts.

Some other suggestions I have:

  • the ability to ‘tab’ between label textboxes, not just the drag-bars, and/or a keyboard shortcut to move the focus from the drag-bar to the textbox

  • inside the label textbox, add mouse & keyboard actions common in many text editors, e.g. double-click to highlight a word, ctrl+left/ctrl+right to move the cursor across a whole word

  • in the Label Editor, F2 highlights all text in the cell (why? I can overwrite the contents by typing when the cell is selected). You could change this to place the cursor at the end of the text in the cell, like F2 functionality in Excel does.

  • more options in the Export Audio dialogue, e.g. under ‘Name file’ the option to add a suffix to the label name (in my case I don’t want a prefix - I import the audio clips one by one into another program, and I want the keyword at the beginning so that I can find the file quick by typing in the file browser)

You need to make enhancement requests on Muse’s GitHub rather than here (and each one would need to be logged separately):

You need a GitHub account to do that, but those are free.


This is a known and logged issue:



Thanks for the info, I should have thought of checking github!

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