Editing a section of one track only

I use Windows 10.
I recorded an old self-recorded cassette tape to Audacity. I found a 1.5 second place on the Right track that I’d like to delete or at least lower the volume so it can’t be heard. I cannot find how to edit that one little section of that track without affecting the Left track. I tried Panning Left, but that affected the whole song. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Use the Split Stereo Track from the Track Control Panel’s dropdown menu - click on the trackname in the TCP to get the menu.

This will give you two mono tacks, one panned left the other panned right.

Make the require edit in the now separate tracks

Then from the TCP dropdown menu (must be from the top track of the twp) choose Make Stereo Track

This will give you a stereo track but it each channel for some odd reason will have drag-bar at the top. If you want to get rid of that select the track and use: Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render.

See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/track_control_panel_and_vertical_scale.html


Click the little [u]Drop-down Arrow[/u] to the left of the waveform and select Split Stereo Track. That allows you to edit the left & right channels separately.

…You may want to copy that section of audio from the good channel into the bad channel… I won’t attempt to give you all of the steps, but if you create a new track (which will show-up below the original) they will mix when you play or when you export.

So you’d want to fade-out the bad part in the 1st track. Then silence everything in the 2nd track except for the short section you want to copy over. Fade it in and fade it out to get a smooth splice where the good audio is spliced-in. (That might take some experimenting… Sometimes a very-short crossfade is better and sometimes a longer crossfade is better. (Or, sometimes you a hard-splice at a wave zero-crossing will work.)

Worked perfectly. Once I selected the 1.5 seconds I wanted removed, I used Amplify and put it at -25. It was at the end of the song, so I didn’t need to do any other editing. I just needed the Left track to finish out the song.
Thank you