'Edit toolbar' > zoom in/ out icons only?

We use only the Zoom In and the Zoom Out icons. The rest of this group is never used here. Given that the View menu item involves multi-clicks again and again, we’re interested in how the audacity edit toolbar can be changed to e.g. include only the zoom in and zoom out icons? Screen realestate and all, lol. Thank You.

BTW the “Your topic is similar to…” feature rocks. So does Audacity.

There are several other ways to zoom: Zooming Overview - Audacity Manual

Personally, I use ALL the zoom tools in the edit toolbar so I would hate to see that trimmed.

Many years ago I wrote a proposal to split the Edit Toolbar, spinning off the zoom functions into a new Zoom toolbar - but nobody ever took that up.

The cut/copy/paste tools however did get spun out of the Edit toolbar and then re-emerged. due to popular request, as a new toolbar (that is off by default):


Just for comparison, I don’t use any of them. I mostly use “Ctrl + Mouse Wheel” for zooming (which is why I find the new sloooowww scrolling so annoying :wink:

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