Duke Nuken Bitcrush for memes


I’ve downloaded and figured out how to use this bitcrusher but for the life of me, I can’t figure out exactly how to make it sound like those bitcrushed Duke Nukem memes. Attached below is an example of how i’d like it to sound


Can someone help me out here? Much appreciated in advance. Just tryin to shitpost here

There’s more to that than bit-crush: it sounds like LPC … https://youtu.be/BMppM8tIFCw?t=50 [LPC10/12]

SoX has LPC10 … https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/creating-an-old-console-effect/39092/3

Alright well, I can’t use the “Degrade” extension without Audacity crashing. Also, I can’t figure out how to convert the wav file to LPC

Alternative … bit-crush with Jeroen Breebaart’s TimeMachine pluginhttps://youtu.be/oUj5drmMIKI?t=162

[ NB: Only works in 32-bit version of Audcaity, on Windows ]