download user manual on windows

This is all new to me but I would like to print out the user manual. The app does not bring up the manual that I downloaded on my desktop. I believe I finally found the user manual to download but having a time unzipping on windows any suggestions thanks mydad

I would not recommend printing out the manual - it’s over 500 pages (with colour) and it makes much use of links (which obviously don’t work in a printed version. If you downloaded the recommended version of Audacity for Windows (from: then the manual is included and can be accessed from Audacity’s Help menu.

The front page of the manual is particularly useful (when viewed in a web browser) as:

  1. The big picture of Audacity can be clicked to go to the page about the feature that you click on.
  2. Most of the most important parts link to the front page. You can use your web browser’s search (usually “Ctrl + F”) to search the front page for whatever you are interested in.

Individual pages of the manual can easily be printed from your web browser.

I don’t believe Windows likes .tar or .gz files. To unzip these files you will need to use Winrar or 7zip. WIth 7zip it is a two-stage process. Once for the .gz archive, then run again for the .tar file.

Perhaps the manual could use a little clarity here: Unzipping the Manual

@waxcylinder @LWinterberg

The manual is in a normal “.zip” archive.
It is mostly intended for Linux users as the manual is included in the default packages for Windows and macOS (but not for Linux).

Please try downloading “Audacity Audacity Manual” from here: Audacity download latest version

You’re right, it’s changed, but the manual is still available as a normal Zip file in the Zip version of Audacity for Windows.