Doesn't translate MP3 to midi

I want to transfer from MP3 to MIDI

You’re right, Audacity “Doesn’t translate MP3 to midi”

I’s not intended to - we are an audio editor and not a MIDI editor (there are better tools for that around).

We offer very limited support for MIDI, playback and very restricted editing.



You can search the Internet for “audio to MIDI” or “MP3 to MIDI”.

In general, that’s VERY difficult depending on the complexity of the sound. i.e. You’ll probably get better results with a single instrument that’s only playing one note at a time. Chords are more difficult and if you have a full-band or full-orchestra with multiple instruments playing multiple-simultaneous instruments, I’d be surprised if it works at all.

Are you using this as part of a game production? I didn’t know games used MIDI. Or is that the test?

MIDI doesn’t make any sound by itself. You have to make sure there is a MIDI keyboard or MIDI module in your game machine to make the sound. If MIDI can’t find one, you’re going to get an error message.


Why this function? And I want to use it in the program (not necessarily what quality)


You can export any MIDI work that you imported from MIDI. You can’t convert regular music to MIDI.

MIDI isn’t music. It’s machine control.

Use a Grand Piano
Press Middle C.
Very Hard.
Hold it for three seconds.
Let go.

That’s a simplified MIDI command. You apply that to a MIDI keyboard and it will play Middle C. Loudly. For three seconds. The Keyboard makes the sound, not the MIDI. Use a MIDI program (CakeWalk??) and you can change any part of that. I used to like changing the instrument and see what happens to a MIDI song.

I could change Grand Piano (MIDI 001) to Banjo (MIDI 106) with Cakewalk and play the song.

Converting music to MIDI means the software has to figure out which instrument is playing. If the music has two or more instruments at once, that’s almost impossible. You can’t do it, either. Listen to a band without watching and tell me how many guitars are playing. Some software can do that one instrument at a time recorded or played clean. No echo, reverb or special effects.

This is the description of different MIDI instruments.

Scroll Down.

You can pick up to 16 of them to play at the same time (I think this number is higher now). You can convert from MIDI to regular music, but the quality will change depending on the keyboard. Again, the keyboard is making the music, not MIDI. I have two keyboards and they have different sounding Grand Pianos.

Computers have internal keyboards which is where you get the idea that MIDI is actually music. Change the computer and the sound of the instruments will change.


Try out either:

AudioScore (Neuratron) [$209]
AnthemScore (Lunaverus) [$29 to $280]

Both are actually quite good at doing this!

AudioScore is available for $249 USD.
I didn’t check the other one.


Why do you need MIDI? MIDI is not an audio format (see:

Third time.

We can’t figure out what you’re using MIDI for. That’s half the battle of answering the question. I mean answering it past “No.”


I wanted to use it in program VOCALOID

I’d suggest that you create your MIDI track in a program that has better MIDI support, for example you could try Reaper (unlimited demo, registration price around $60 last time I looked).