Does the new exporter downmix 5.1 to stereo correctly?

Hi everyone!
I guess this is a question for devs but I have observed that in the new exporter menu you can select directly a “Stereo” output when exporting a 5.1 source.

Previous to this 3.4 update I always made a “Custom mix” export following the tips from this post:

Now I wonder if the new exporter, after selecting “Stereo” output, does the mixdown correctly applying -3 db to the center and rear channels, and discarding LFE.

This would be an interesting feature.
Anybody knows?

Custom Mix is now “Custom Export” in the Export Audio menu. That’s probably the safest way to go. You’ll have to do the -3dB adjustments “manually”.

You can make a test file with different tracks at different times to confirm what’s happening.

I have an old (no longer available) Dolby test DVD that I ripped, and I MIGHT have done a test once where I recorded myself saying “Left”, “Center”, “Right”, etc.

In case you don’t have this, the sequence in Audacity is:

1= Left
2= Right
3= Center
4= LFE
5= Left Surround
6= Right Surround


If you want an answer from devs you will be better off posting this question as a Discussion on Muse’s GitHub (as the devs don’t hang out here on the Forum):

You will need a GitHub account for that - but those are free.


Thank you all for the answers.
“Custom Export” is probably the safest way to do it.
However, I did some comparison coding and couldn’t make a difference…

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