Does Audacity need an "Arm" feature like some other DAWs

Does Audacity need an “Arm” feature like some other DAWs

What does the arm track feature do on other DAW’s and Does Audacity need this feature?

Do you think Audacity needs an “Arm” feature? If so, why?

Note that most DAWs also require that you create a new track (and then “arm” it) before you can record, whereas in Audacity you can just press the Record button and away it goes.

Arming is useful if you have an extensive multi-input setup (eg guitar, voice, piano) which you sometimes want to record all of at the same time but sometimes only one at a time. I don’t think we’ll expose this kind of capability any time soon or as in-your-face as DAWs usually do (though there’s a simpler way to allow for voice + desktop audio recording, design-wise anyway)

Thanks for those replies, it looks like Audacity does not need an Arm feature, and neither will I, as I will only be recording one instrument at a time.

Please see this section of the Recording page in the Audacity Manual re “arming”: