Documentation error?

On this page:

Regarding item #3:

“Singing or playing the loudest part of what you are recording, adjust the recording level using the right-hand slider on Mixer Toolbar:
so that the moving Meter Toolbar bars do not get too close to the right-hand edge of the meter.”

.,…shouldn’t it be the LEFT-hand slider?

Yes it should. Thanks for the report.
Unfortunately it’s probably too late for the next Audacity release as the manual was packaged for distribution a couple of days ago, but I’ll add a note for it to be fixed asap.

Great catch dannyboy2, many thanks for reporting that :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

I have made this change - it will not make it into the upcoming 2.3.3 mANUAL unless we need RC04 or greater - we are working with Release Candidate RC03 right now and as Steve says the Manual has already been pulled for that.


Happy to help!