divide MP3

Hello I am new with Audacity. I have a question.
I have 40 minutes of music (MP3) and want to divide it into 10 parts of 4 minutes, is that possible with Audacity?
If it is possible how do I do that?
If it is not possible with Audacity, do you have any suggestions?

Regards Bas.
Audacity 3.2.1
Windows 11

You can do it with Audacity - but you will get additional MP3 danage on export from Audacity. There are apps that will cut up an MP3 directly, this is one of them:

In Audacity

  1. Import the MP3
  2. use Tools > Regular Interval Labels to create the 4 minute chunks
  3. Use File > Export > Export Multiple to export to MP3


Thx Peter
I found step 1 and 2 myself BUT step 3 is new to me !!
In the past I did it (divide) with “WavePad Audio Editing Software
Audio Editing Software for Everyone” now I can throw it away. :slight_smile:

Can you tell me what this means : “Label-interval (seconden)”?

This is what the manual says:

Label interval (seconds)
If you selected Label Interval menu dropdown then the labels will be placed at your specified interval to fit the selected region. The default interval is 10.0 seconds. The allowed range is between 0.001 and 3600 seconds.

On this page: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/regular_interval_labels.html


@Peter thx for quick replies, they really help!