Disable Quick Play on 3.1.3 on Win 10 Pro 21H2 64bit


First time with Audacity as a long time Adobe Audition user, the manual says I can disable Quick Play by right clicking the timeline and choosing disable from the drop down, but there is no option to do it in the menu. For my needs, Quick Play is a PITA, so would appreciate knowing if disabling has been deprecated in 3.1.3 and/or whether there is a hack to disable it.



Muse, the owners of Audacity, changed the Timeline context menu when new looping was introduced for 3.1 - as part of that change they removed the option for disabling/enabling Quick-Play.

Sadly the Manual for 3.1 and thus 3.1.3 was not updated properly for this change - I note the that 3.1.3 Manual still (erroneously) shows that option in the image of the Timeline right-click context menu. This has been fixed in the alpha Manual for the upcoming 3.2.0:

If you feel strongly about the remoal if the ability to disable Timelin Quick-Play then you can raise an issue for this regression on GitHub - require a (free) GitHub account:

Alternatively if you can’t do that and would still like it logged, then I can do that for you.


Hi Peter,
It is now 2024 and I still cannot find the method to disable quick play. It is a problem for my Comm Tech students as well as myself. Please help me find a solution that is frustrating all my classes (6 per year).
Thanks. As of this writing, the manual has been updated instructing how to use Quick-Play and the screen shot for right-click has been updated but at the very top of the manual it still says
" The Timeline is not merely an indicator of audio position but can also be used to effect [Quick-Play](This functionality can be toggled on/off by [right clicking]in the Timeline and enabling/disabling Quick-Play (default setting is “on”) ."
There is no mention in the manual how to now do this.