Delay of graphic update when scrolling horizontally...

Hi, it’s me again. Previously I mentioned about upgrading my Audacity - from 2.x (I forgot what it was exactly) to currently 2.3.0. I am using Windows 10.

There is this minor behaviour that bugs me after the upgrade… I don’t know if that is a bug in the software or an intended behaviour:
When I zoom in and scroll the tracks horizontally, I see that the time markers above the tracks got scrolled pretty synchronously with my cursor/scrollbar. However, the tracks seem to have fractions of a second of delay to catch up with the cursor/scrollbar. So if I have a very long track to scroll, I can see the track “jumps” a few times instead of moving smoothly.

I am very sure that this delay behaviour was not present in the previous version I was using. Everything including the time markers, tracks, etc were all scrolled very smoothly and synchronously with the cursor/scrollbar. Everything looked like one solid thing that moved/scrolled together in previous version… but now they look like separate parts trying to catch up my scrolling action.

I don 't know if this is a bug that only occurs in my current version or if this is a compromised behaviour for certain reason/new features. I wonder if anyone else is seeing the same thing I am seeing. Or is there certain setting that I have to change to get it behaving back how it used to be like?

Also, another thing… I don’t know if this is related to the behaviour above… I see that when I import media files (mainly MP3 and MP4 - via FFmpeg), the time it takes to import the files seem significantly longer than the time it took when I was using the previous version. I am not talking about fractionally longer, but I am talking about multiples of previous time taken. I don’t know if this has got anything to do with the change of scrolling behaviour… may be the representing “wave” got more complex than before … which may contribute to longer import time and scrolling delays? I don’t know… I am just guessing here… :smiley:

Yes, this is a known issue for 2.3.0 - it is fixed for the soon to be upcoming 2.3.1 - The MP3 import will be roughly the same as it was in 2.2.2 - the M4A will be faster than it was in 2.2.2


Yes, you are right. I have tried importing with 2.3.1 today. The import time is back to normal again.

I am still seeing the delayed scrolling of tracks on 2.3.1. I suppose the import time has nothing to do with delayed scrolling effect then.

So are there anyone seeing the same problem with the delayed scrolling of tracks like me?

I see delayed scrolling when using “Spectrogram” track view, but that is to be expected because a huge number of calculations have to be made to draw the spectrogram. In normal “Waveform” track view, scrolling is very fast (as expected).

I was talking about waveform, not spectrogram.
previously, the scrolling for waveform was “immediate” and very responsive.
but now, the scrolling for waveform is, well… quite responsive, but not as “immediate” as before. you can clearly see delays of a fraction of second. the waveform and the scrollbar are just not completely synchronised.

i remember the older version of audacity did not have such problem. the scrolling action was “immediate”, like any normal scrollpanes of modern graphical interface.

Problem exists for me in 2.3.2.
The UI didn’t used to lag when I ran Windows 7, but since upgrading to Windows 10 last month, scrolling and resizing are laggy now. It’s as if hardware acceleration is disabled or something.