Delay between start of recording and start of playback

I just upgraded to 3.1.3 and noticed that, for the first time, when the recording starts there is a significant (over 10 second) delay from when the recording activity begins in the window and when the playback actually begins. This is new since the upgrade, from 3.0.2. I don’t see anything obvious in the settings that would account for this.

Have you rebooted?

Also, where did you get Audacity from? I would suggest downloading it from here: Audacity ® | Downloads

If the reboot doesn’t help, download again and re-install.

I have rebooted many times since the problem began, and got my download and update through the official sites. I think I found the problem, though. In Preferences: Device there is a latency compensation setting set by default at -130 milliseconds, and in the description in help it indicates it is 13 seconds. I don’t know when this came into play, must be in the latest versions, because it wasn’t an issue before. I have tried playing with that setting, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the lag.

My help description says,

around 130 ms (0.13 seconds)

which is correct. Would you share a screenshot of your help screen, or just copy and paste the relevent parts, perhaps this is something that can be corrected.

Curiously, I just checked and if I set my buffer setting to 13000, I get a delay of 13 seconds before my audio starts. Perhaps there is a language translation decimal issue. What is your buffer length set to. What happens when you change it to 1/2 or to double its curent value ? If you haven’t already, you can try Tools > Reset Configuration.

I set my buffer setting to 13000, I get a delay of 13 seconds

That’s as close to a real solution as we’ve seen so far. I should try that. I wonder why it would be maladjusted…

I want to see what happens to the waveforms when I do that.