13 second delay in hearing monitored audio thru computer speakers when recording

I’ve been using Audacity for years in playing my old vinyls on a turntable thru a digital converter into my Windows 10 computer to save into itunes. It’s always worked great, til now! Still records and plays fine when completed. The ONLY problem is the monitored audio on my computer speakers, DURING RECORDING, is going somewhere, being saved, then played 13 seconds AFTER it was recorded! “Playthrough” in recording preferences IS enabled. Audacity is up to date, version 3.3.3 in use. Headphones connected at the digital converter DO have the sound coming thru in realtime. This problem just happened out of the blue. All help gladly appreciated. Thanks!

Possibly you have Audio Setup > Audio Settings > Latency > Buffer set to 1300. Try setting this to 100.

I had checked that earlier and it is set at 100. Just for kicks tho, I had tried setting it to -13000, which would be 13 seconds, but it did not help, so I put it back to 100.

Thanks for your post tho, if u happen to think of anything else please let me know!

Well, here is something else: Delay between start of recording and start of playback

I think what you had before was broken. Desirable, maybe, but not normal. The show enters the computer, drills down to Audacity, Enters Playthrough, turns around, and comes back out and that always takes time. It’s the reason you can’t listen to your audiobook microphone and voice by plugging headphones into the computer. It’s not normally 13 seconds, but there is always a delay or echo.

Correct. That’s the recommendation for live production of any kind. That’s also assuming your interface supports that. Most do now.

You didn’t tell us what your interface is, but I’m betting it has its own software package that supports the speakers without the delay. They manufacturer a “short-cut” sound path that doesn’t go all the way down to Audacity.

I can explain the “Suddenly” part, too. Did you just start using Skype, Zoom, Meetings, Games, or any other software that uses sound? They almost all screw up your regular sound settings.

How about an update? Updates don’t always do cool, desirable things. “I updated my computer and now it doesn’t [fill in the blank].”

Did you just start using Internet-Connected or Cloud Drives? Audacity doesn’t like that very much. Not recommended while Audacity is running. After you shut down Audacity, you can put your sound files wherever you want, but Audacity should not be able to see them when its working.


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