[Death Metal/Goregrind] How can I make vocals sound like early Carcass?

Hello. I want to make vocals sound like Carcass in the Reek of Putrefaction (1988) album. Similar/same vocal effects where used by another bands for example: Blasphemy - Emperor of the Black Abyss and Sanity’s Dawn - Cryptic Menu

Apparently those are some cheesy effects, since the Reek of Putrefaction album original record was ruined and the re-record was hastily rushed, and few bands use those effects in few songs.

Any information, hints/tips for achieving similar results? Thanks in advance.

This is where you point to an actual track, or post one, of the voices you want. Not: “Somewhere on this album,” but more: “This YouTube track at 3 min and 40 seconds.” Or, “This track attached.”

If you go the attachment route, we only support perfect quality stereo WAV tracks out to about ten seconds. MP3, longer. It’s a 20MB limit.

Sometimes effects are combinations of other effects and we need to hear the actual track to guess at it.


Vocoding with pink-noise produces a hoarse voice effect …

Well, Koz, sorry, I didn’t know naming the tracks or the albums were not enough. The vocals effects I’m talking about are all around the Reek of Putrefaction album. But for a little more accurate sample I think the Sanity’s Dawn’s song is the best example.

Carcass - Fermenting Innards (Track Lenght: 02:35)
Many times: 00:20, 01:00, 01:15, 01:48, 02:25

Carcass - Vomited An*l Tract (Track Lenght: 01:45)
Many times: 00:09, 00:35, 00:46, 00:52

Carcass - Pyosisified (Rotten to the Gore) (Track Lenght: 02:55)
Starts at: 1:59

Carcass - Festerday (Track Lenght: 00:22)
From: 00:00 to 00:09

As stated before the same/similar effects were used by another bands (they even sound like they were done by the same person), I want to sound like them or the closest as possible:

Blasphemy - Emperor of the Black Abyss (Track Lenght: 03:20)
Starts at: 00:49

Blasphemy - War Command (Track Lenght: 00:45)
Starts at: 00:16

Sanity’s Dawn - Ballgames with a Torn Off Head (Track Lenght: 01:19)
Starts at: 00:02 (all the vocals duties until 00:25)

Hope it gets more clear now and thanks for all the help.

Try the FabFilter Saturn “saturn-multiband-distortion-saturation” plug-in