How to make vocal like Burzum?


This is my first post in Audacity forums. I use Audacity in both Windows and Linux, and I need some help.
I need to make my voice like Varg Vikernes (Burzum) in this song but I really don’t know which effects I need. I made some “growls” with “Change Pitch” and “Echo” effects, but I now don’t need “growl”.


We get a lot of request to “make my voice sound like something else.” Most of them fail. This one appears to be just heavily overloaded with tons of guitars, other instruments and drums overlayed. If the problem is your voice is the wrong pitch, then you can try Effect > Change Pitch and then cover it with other sounds.

If your voice sounds wrong when you change the pitch, that’s the best we can do.

You can simulate overload with multiple applications of Effect > Leveler at highest setting.

Most of the rest of the vocal is acting. We really don’t have a filter for that.


If you are aiming for the hoarse death-metal voice, e.g.
save your larynx by vocoding the vocal with [pink] noise …

I used the mda talkbox high-resolution vocoder VST plugin , rather than Audacity’s native vocoder.

Thanks, it helped me a lot.
Another question, which percentage of "Wet’ and “Dry” is efficient for this type of vocals?

Adjust to taste. I used 100% wet, but death-metal is not my thing, so you may prefer different settings.

BTW applying Audacity’s “Leveller” on “heaviest” [ -20dB threshold ] makes it louder and more distorted …

Is this plugin available for Linux, too?

Leveler is shipped with Audacity. Look in the Effect Menu (you may have to open the menu items that only have numbers).


Oh, I meant “Talkbox” :slight_smile:

Using your favourite search engine will bring you to a VST for Linux port of mda on However you will need Audacity 2.1.0 to run VST’s in Audacity on Linux.

If you are happy to compile plugins, there is also an LV2 port GitHub - moddevices/mda-lv2: forked from LV2 should work in earlier versions of Audacity on Linux.


Thanks a lot. I now have problems with VST plugin installation in Linux. Do I need a VSTPATH ?

Assuming you are using Audacity 2.1.0, see Audacity Manual.

If you need help with that, please start a new topic on GNU/Linux - Audacity Forum.