Custom Interface

There is an option called CUSTOM in the preference settings for the interface.

However when I select it, I don’t see any additional options menu to customise the look and feel of my Audacity window.

How can I access them and what they are? there is no explanation in the Manual.


Please see this Muse support page:


Thanks Peter :slight_smile:

well, I have just learned that in addition to the Audacity Manual and Wiki there is also Audacity Support website and Audacity Free Themes website.

is there anything else I’ve been missing? :astonished: :confused:

is there somewhere a list of all Audacity online resources?

That is a fairly new resource that Muse (now the owners of Audacity) are developing. It is not complete yet, basically it will take over from both the Audacity Wiki (which will be retired/deprecated) and most of the Audacity Manual, the Manual may remain as a pure reference manual with no how-tos or tutorials (the front page og the alpha test manual as already been split to reflect that and help facilitate the transition,

Muse also run a Discord support channel:

Plus there is their GitHub issues log for bug tracking:

And of course the Audacity website:

Not that I know of.


thanks Peter.

As I just said in my new post in the clicks thread, if I can’t sort out those horrible clicks which take up a huge amount of my time to fix, and some still can’t be fixed - I will have to ditch the Audacity and buy another DAW.

I just spent 2 hrs to fix an 8 minute clip.

this is not feasible.