Cursor and hand too small, severe

Audacity Team,

I read previous posts on this topic before posting.

The cursor looked normal in Audacity until I started encountering this problem about a week ago, and since then it is happening every time I use Audacity. I have the latest version 3.1.3. I’m using Windows 10 on a 55” display. The cursor on the track pane, and the hand on the track title, are extremely small - approximately 10 - 20% of normal size. It is very severe - basically invisible - even when I wiggle the mouse and try to find the cursor several times. It is extremely difficult to work with this.

I called a talented computer tech and he guided me through all the possible settings, including those mentioned in the previous thread (DPI, etc.), and no improvement. The Windows 10 display settings recently have new defaults with higher resolutions, as if there were a Windows update, so far they are working well for everything but Audacity.

Is this a known problem that the Audacity Team is working on? Can you provide a solution?

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Do you care to share a screenshot? Does the picture here accurately represent your screen? Redesign cursors · Issue #2247 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

I tried getting a screenshot with pic pic, but I need to move the cursor to get the image, so it doesn’t work; and with and print screen, but doesn’t show the cursor or hand. How can I capture a screenshot of this?

I just did a google search on “how to capture a screenshot that includes the cursor” and several options appeared. :smiley:

I did the same search and most went to steps recorder. I tried that, I read the how to, I was able to capture one image, often times it captured nothing, I was not able to save it. However, I was able to view the captured image and the cursor looked normal - nothing like what I see on my screen, which is still as described. Any other recommendations on how I might provide a screenshot?

Photos of my display attached.

Your pictures have been made available to the developers on github here: Cursor and hand too small - making work extremely difficult. · Issue #3144 · audacity/audacity · GitHub
(I am assuming you have a HiDPI screen.)

If changes affecting screen resolution were made by a windows update or started when you added the new display, perhaps those changes can be rolled back.

And you said you and your tech have tried all the tricks posted here: Curser too small
Perhaps the developers have some tricks up their sleeves…

using windows’ 'show cursor when pressing CTRL"

using windows’ 'show cursor when pressing ctrl" does help