Curser too small

Hi everyone,
I am having trouble seeing the curser on the track pane, It is extremely small and I can’t find a way to enlarge it.
Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

Selecting a different color scheme/theme may help … Themes - Audacity Manual

Thank you Trebor,
Unfortunately that didn’t change the size of the Curser on the trackpane, thank you for your reply.

My Audacity follows the size of my computer cursor. Google.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 11.00.08.png

Hi Kozikowski,

Thank you for your reply but unfortunately no change to the curser size on the Track Pane… It did change the size of the Pointer off the Track Pane, but when I move the pointer back to the Track Pane the curser reduces to a very small line again and is very hard to see.
Regards Steve

Audacity is built with WxWidgets, which is a cross-platform toolkit for making graphical applications that work on multiple platforms (Audacity supports Windows, macOS and Linux).

In WxWidgets, custom cursors are created as 32x32 bitmaps, and as far as I’m aware, there is not yet any way to scale this size within the application. Until WxWidgets provides a way to create custom cursors that can be scaled according to the display dpi, I think your options are:

  • Reduce the display dpi for your monitor.
  • See if Windows provides “display scaling options” in Settings that allow you to improve the appearance (I don’t use Windows, so you’ll need to test this yourself).
  • Use a third party app to “magnify” Audacity (there may be some “accessibility” app that can do this).
  • Add a second display to your computer with a lower dpi (dots per inch).
  • Put up with it.

Final thought:
There’s an option in “Mouse Properties > Pointer Options” to “Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key”. I don’t know if that works when using one of Audacity’s custom cursors, but perhaps worth a try.

Hi Steve,
Thank you for your advice, I will give them a try and see how they go.

I’ll suggest changing the theme to “Dark” - it makes the cursor stand out a lot more! :slight_smile:

There does not seem to be an easy work around to this problem for high resolution screens running Windows 10. I tried to toggle between “System”, “System Enhanced” and “Appliction” in High DPI Scaling Override, to no effect. Technically this should have worked. (To do this Right click on Audacity icon, click on Properties, then select Compatability, click on Change DPI Setting tab, Select “High DPI Setting Overide” and then choose one of the three options mentioned above, click OK, then click Apply in the other window).

The one work around I found was to go to Windows 10 Display Settings and changing the resolution to 1920 X 1080. This did not shrink the displayable screen and put the Selection and Zoom Tool cursors i Audacity to a normal workable size. Once I am done with editing in Audacity, to change the diplay back to its normal resolution. This works, although it is not an ideal fix.

Dear Audacity Team,

I just started encountering this problem. It is very severe - I don’t think I can use the program unless it is fixed. I have the latest version 3.1.3. I’m using Windows 10 on a 55” display. Everything in Audacity looked normal until today, the cursor when on the track pane, and the hand when on the track title, are extremely small - approximately 10 - 20% of normal size. I can barely see them at all on a huge display. Everything else, including the pointing cursor in the track pane, looks normal.

I called a talented computer tech and he guided me through all the possible settings, including everything mentioned in these posts, and no improvement. He thinks it’s probably a needed update from Audacity. The Windows 10 display settings recently have new defaults for this computer, as if there were a Windows update for this, so far they are working correctly for everything but Audacity.

Is this a known problem that the Audacity Team is working on? Can you provide a solution?

Thank you.

To aviod confusion, this thread is being locked as you have (rightly) started a new thread with this issue here: Cursor and hand too small, severe