Crossfade clips - effect no longer working after upgrade to Audacity 3.4

After upgrading to Audacity 3.4 I can no longer use the crossfade clips-effect. I tried to use it as usual, highlighting equal parts of the end of the first clip and part of the beginning of the new clip, then choosing crossfade clips from the menu. NOTHING happens! I restarted my PC, which also didn’t change anything. I restarted Audacity a couple of times as well, which, too, didn’t help. Am I the only one who encounters this “error”? Any idea what I could do? Maybe there is something I don’t know?

This is a known and logged bug and should be fixed in the upcoming 3.4.1 release.


Thanks so much for letting me know/ your response! :slight_smile: I just hope that the fix will be released soon! :pray:

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