cross fade in/out automatic


I have 100 music I want to make a playlist. At each end of a song I want to make the effect “cross fade out”. And the beginning of each song I want to make the effect “cross fade in”. I can do it manually but 100 files it’s very long. Is there a method to do it automatically or faster than one by one. :blush:

Thanks for your help. :smiley:

Some media players can do that on the fly. Check the manual for your media player and see if it can.

Winamp (now pretty-much orphanware) has crossfading (which you access through the equalizer). I’m pretty sure Windows Media Player and iTunes also have it as an option.

[u]SqrSoft[/u] has a free “smart” crossfading plug-in for Winamp. It analyzes the file volume, so you can start the crossfade when the current song fades to a pre-set level, etc. Or, you can do a “smart DJ style” crossfade where the songs overlap with no additional fading. when the “natural” fade-out hits a preset level. …But, I get glitches with it. I believe Media Monkey supports Winamp plug-ins, but I haven’t tried it.

There are also some DJ applications that can do an automatic smart crossfade.

iTunes and iPod can do it - set from the Playback tab in iTunes Preferences