Cross fade clips

Hi I am using Audacity 2.1.13 and Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6

I am trying to do a straightforward crossfade clip between a piece of music ( as an intro) and an audio recorded interview.
I have used crossfade clip before with no problem.
The error I get is: Nyquist Error Invalid Selection. Empty space at Start End of Selection.

I am selecting equal length of recording on either side. I’ve tried different lengths (10/6/5/2 seconds). There is no gap between recordings.
I have saved the Project. I have closed and opened Audacity.
I can’t find any record of this error in Audacity manual.

Please advise. Thanks.

I’m guessing that you mean “2.1.3”?

The current version is 2.3.2 and is available via the Audacity website:

Please post a screenshot showing the tracks, and the “selection” immediately prior to applying “Crossfade Clips”.

Hi, I have a comparable problem… i have just installed the latest Audacity version 2.3.3, but now in all of my projects, and even in new projects it seems to be impossible to crossfade clips. I get this message (attached) (translated: invalid selection, more than two audioclips selected)
Can you please help me? I have a deadline and don’t know what to do…
Schermafbeelding 2020-05-01 om 14.49.15.png

Zoom in as close as possible on the split between the two clips.
My guess is that there is a third, tiny clip, possible just a single sample, between the two clips.

There “may” even be a “zero length” clip. Zero length clips should not occur, but a bug has recently been found (and now fixed) where zero length clips would occasionally occur.

The easiest way to fix that is to “join” all of the clips across that boundary, then split it again so there is one clean split (see:

Hi Steve, thanks for your reply. It seems like there still excists a weird bug. I have downloaded the latest version of audacity (2.4.2). And when i split a clip and then use the cross fade function, the message is ‘invalid selection. More than 2 audioclips selected’ (see attachment). When I zoom in I see indeed 3 clips. But that’s weird huh? I just cut it in 2.

When I delete the middle clip, and cross fade the other two, it stil says: ‘invalid selection. More than 2 audioclips selected’

At the moment I just cross fade manually. with a second track. But it would be so much better if this bug will be fixed… I use this cut and cross fade function quite a lot…

Best regards DWP

Could you try to find minimal steps to recreate the problem so that I can see what is occurring.


  1. Launch Audacity 2.4.2
  2. Generate 30 second tone
  1. launch audacity 2.4.2
  2. Open new project / 1 track
  3. Split the track
  4. select left and right part of this splitted track
  5. cross fade clips
  6. message: ‘invalid selection. More than 2 audioclips selected’ (see attachment)
  7. Zoom in at the part where i splitted the track, i see nothing… (but sometimes i did see a third clip, not now - see attachment)
  8. when i click on the right clip - the dark line… the two separated parts merge together.

    Thanks Steve!
    Schermafbeelding 2020-08-04 om 13.20.09.png
    Schermafbeelding 2020-08-04 om 13.18.56.png

I’m not able to reproduce the problem. Perhaps some details of what I am doing are different from what you are doing.

Where does the “1 track” come from? Does the problem occur if you have an empty project and the “Generate menu > Tone” to create a single mono audio track of 30 seconds duration?

Mono or stereo?
What sample rate is the track?
What is the Project Rate?
What is the track sample format?

How exactly? I’m clicking near the middle of a 6 second track and pressing “Ctrl + i”

All of it or just a part? If not the entire track, how much?

… and so on.

Hi Steve,

Sorry for this crazy late reply, but it still doensn’t work:

It’s really simple, I am not an expert and some of the questions you ask (about project rate or sample format) I don’t understand (maybe my english isn’t well enough either) but: I use Audacity for 2 years now - in the most basic way (split, copy, paste, fade in, fade out and cross fade). In the beginning I was able to select two parts of different clips in one stereo track (less than a second of the end of the first clip and less than a second of the beginning of the next clip) I went to the menu > Effects > cross fade clips. And it worked, only one day (with a new update of audacity) it did not work anymore. At this moment I have just installed the latest version again, and it still doesn’t work.

I import .wav from my zoom microphone, and use some mp3 sounds sometimes. But cross fading I do mainly in my wn .wav interview.

You question about slitting: How exactly? I’m clicking near the middle of a 6 second track and pressing “Ctrl + i”
yes, thats’ how I do it as well.

It would be great if you could help me out.
best regards,

Don’t know if this helps, but …

I use Crossfade Clips a lot. Sometimes when crossfading between clips (as opposed to crossfading within a clip) I’d get the “more than 2 audio clips selected” error. When zooming in I didn’t see a third audio clip (and I know about zero length clips). My solution was to click on the split line to join it (which doesn’t change the selection) then try Crossfade Clips again - which always worked. This was moon-phase so I never reported it. I haven’t encountered it recently.

Note that after doing Crossfade Clips, if you want to preserve a split line, just do Cmd+I right after.

– Bill