Creating MP3 w/ track titles

Hi, we created an ebook that we want make available for people to download on our website. We would like the file to have 8 “chapters” so that people can easily pick up where they left off and just to break it up some. I figured out how to add labels, do the multiple exports, etc., but I can’t figure out how to get one MP3 file that shows multiple tracks. You know, if I open the file in windows media player or similar I want it to show multiple tracks. Is that doable??

Thank you for your help!

I may be wrong, but it’s my impression that if you see multiple tracks in Media Player, it’s because those tracks are in fact multiple mp3 files. ie, first track, first mp3 file, second track, 2nd mp3 file, etc. Am I wrong??


Transcriber is right, the MP3 format doesn’t support multiple tracks like you’ve described. There might be some software that will work that way (for instance, I know that Amarok under GNU/Linux will read a CUE sheet along with a WAV file and support multiple tracks this way), but I don’t know of any for MP3s.

Thank you for the responses. Makes sense to me!

Hi there, I am new to this today with USB ion turntable etc. Where can i get the MP3 program please called Lame MP3 encoder?

You can get LAME through the Audacity site - this page

If you haven’t got the latest version of Audacity 1.2.6 then you should upload that in preference to the earlier version that may have been supplied by ION - go to — BTW I would strongly recommend reading the tutorials and Wiki that are available from the help tab on the Audacity site.


I’ve read every tutorial I could find and I have LAME. I think my question has been answered already, so thanks to everyone! :sunglasses: