Crash when using ambeo orbit with audacity 2.4.2

I have followed the steps to install the ambeo orbit plug in to create 8D music. I select AMBEO ORBIT Effects and the black screen of Ambeo appears. When I hit apply or play I get this report and it won’t let me continue. The ambeo program closes, audacity 2.4.2 closes and everything closes. I’ve been trying to see if Ambeo Orbit was enabled; Yes it is and I don’t know what else to do. Please, I need it for an important project. Can anybody help me?. Thank you. You can write the text in any language, I will translate it with google translator.
Message that comes out before closing everything.

Debug report preview:
The folowing debug report will be generated
The report contains the files listed below. If any of this files contains private information, please uncheck them and they will be removed from the report.

If you wish to suppress this debug report completely, please choose the “cancel” button, but we warned that it may be hinder improving the program, so if at all possible please do continue with the report generation.

Thank you and we’re sorry for the inconvenience!

< Audacity.xml (process context description)
< Audacity.dmp (dump of the process state (binary))
<Audacity.cfg (Audacity configuration)
<plugin registry.cfg (Plugin Registry)
<pluginsettings.cfg (Plugin Registry)
<log.text (Audacity log)

If you have any additional information pertaining to this bug report, please enter here and it will be joined to it.

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He seguido los pasos para instalar el complemento ambeo orbit para crear música 8D. Selecciono AMBEO ORBIT Effects y aparece la pantalla negra de Ambeo. Cuando presiono aplicar o reproducir, obtengo este informe y no me deja continuar. El programa ambeo se cierra, Audacity 2.4.2 se cierra y todo se cierra. Intenté ver si Ambeo Orbit estaba habilitado; Sí lo es y no sé qué más hacer. Por favor, lo necesito para un proyecto importante. ¿Alguien puede ayudarme?. Gracias. Puedes escribir el texto en cualquier idioma, lo traduciré con el traductor de google.

Mensaje que sale antes de cerrar todo.

Vista previa del informe de depuración:
Se generará el siguiente informe de depuración
“c: \ Users \ Andres \ AppData \ Local \ temp \”
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Gracias y lamentamos las molestias.

<Audacity.xml (descripción del contexto del proceso)
<Audacity.dmp (volcado del estado del proceso (binario))
<Audacity.cfg (configuración de Audacity)
<plugin registro.cfg (Registro de complementos)
<pluginsettings.cfg (Registro de complementos)
<log.text (registro de Audacity)

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I installed the 32-bit version of Ambeo Orbit (version: 1.0.1) on Windows 10 (version 2004) Home, with Audacity 2.4.2.
(Audacity 2.4.2 is a 32-bit app, so it only supports 32-bit plug-ins).

To use the plug-in properly it should be applied to one stereo track at a time.

Ambeo Orbit worked and did not crash.

The reverb is rather inefficient, so preview playback with the “room” setting enabled caused the sound to stutter badly, but it was OK once it had been applied and the plug-in closed.

I was not very impressed with the effect. Although panning worked as expected, I didn’t find the “front/back”, “above/below” effect convincing. Putting the sound to the rear just sounded a bit muffled compared to the “front” setting.

Ambeo 1.0.0. does work in Audacity, eventually …Create music or sounds 8D with Audacity - #8 by Trebor

Sometimes VST plugins intermittently cause Audacity in Windows to crash when they are enabled,
but will work again, (most of the time), after recovering from the crash.
Moral: try the plugin again after it causes Audacity to the crash: it may still work sufficiently to complete your project.