Create music or sounds 8D with Audacity

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I would to create music or sound of technology 8D. I´ve seen to some webs that I need a binaural microphone and Audacity can help me to task to create music 8D. I´ve looking a guide or manual to use audacity to music 8D.

Can you help me?

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“8D” is a nonsense buzzword. The correct term is “Ambisonics”
Audacity does not include an Ambisonic encoder or decoder, though you may find a VST plug-in to do this if you search. The search term to use is “ambisonic”. This page on Wikipedia may be helpful:

Hello Steve!

Thank you for your help!
OK! I´ve been reading about articles of music 8d. Like you say, the word “music 8D” is a vulgar term that refers to binaural music.
It is true that some articles call it 8D music but later specify that it is actually produced with a binaural microphone, for example this article in english or this other article about music 8D (my language).

But I would like that you can say to me if I think correctly please. If I want to generate sounds binaural (music 8D) directly, then I need a microphone binaural but if I’ve audio / track / song in 3D, then, can I use Audacity to convert music 3D to music binaural?
If this last is correctly, can you say me any manual or other reference?

Thank you Steve!! :slight_smile:

There are binaural plugins which can move mono microphone sound anywhere in the stereo field …

Thank you very much for your help Trebor.
These videos I think could be useful. I will investigate and see what I can get from them.

Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

AMBEO orbit [Version: 1.0.0] installs in Audacity, but I could not get it to work :frowning:

8D music is bullshit, just put a little bit of reverb on it and pan it left and right (split stereo track and use the envelope tool to make the channels get louder and quieter out of phase with each other) and it will sound like all the “8D” music on youtube

Update: AMBEO orbit (32 bit VST2) does work in Audacity on Windows,
but on my machine it takes 15 seconds :open_mouth: to appear after first being selected from the effects menu …

Previously I gave up before the AMBEO GUI appeared, (probably after about ten seconds).

Ambeo Orbit GUI is opening… but it effects are not able to apply.

Any inputs on how to apply the effects of the binaural effect using the Ambeo GUI.

Not all…the point you said was correct, many 8D audios are just made that way. But, some 8D audios are not limited till that. They really make you get into the song, it moves ALL AROUND your head (and earphones also), not just your ears. Try these:

“8D” is still a nonsense buzzword meaning “3 dimensional audio”.